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Deborah L. Marynak

Dr. Deborah L. Marynak began her career in dentistry as a dental technician in the field of “porcelain jacket crowns” in 1970. In 1972, she began preparing to become a dental hygienist, and graduated from Normandale Community College, School of Dental Hygiene in 1976. Within the year, she began her pre-dental studies and entered the University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry in 1980.

Since graduating from dental school in 1984, she’s owned and operated her private practice for 20 years. She’s worked as an associate in both Wisconsin and Oregon. In Wisconsin, she also worked as the supervising dentist for the Ho-Chunk Healthcare Clinic in Black River Falls. She’s gained experience in corporate, nursing home, and prison dentistry.

She started a company called in 2015 with a goal of helping Dental Professionals find the right fit for both the employee and the employer. She’s also developed a site to help patients understand their recommended dental treatment:

She has worked with dental offices to help them streamline their clinical systems and has taught dental teams how to effectively document patient charts to avoid risk. She is a strong believer in sound systems, and all systems begin and end with a strong, cohesive Team. Her work has been with dentists, hygienists, assistants, dental office managers, and administrative staff , both individually and with entire Teams.

Dr. Marynak is now retired from clinical dentistry, and living in North Carolina. She still owns and operates In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her four-legged kids (four dogs and two cats,) gardening, and antiquing. She loves what most people see as junk; if it’s rusty metal or has peeling paint, she probably wants it.

Deborah L. Marynak

Dr. Marynak is now an adjunct instructor at Isothermal Community College, School of Dental Assisting. Presently Dr. Marynak is teaching the clinical studies of Dental Materials and Dental Health Education.

This includes:
  • alginate impressions, pouring and trimming
  • sealants
  • fluoride: varnish and foam
  • patient education: plaque index/brushing/flossing
  • temporaries
  • removing periodontal dressings
  • custom trays
  • bleach trays
  • cement removal
  • coronal polishing
  • polishing and cleaning a denture
  • use of intra-oral camera
  • table clinics: help prepare and critique

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