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3 Tips for Hiring the Best Dental Staff

Having a great Dental Team is a critical component for Dental Practices to attract and maintain loyal patients. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very skilled at finding the right Dental Staff; I only got lucky a couple of times and these Dental Health Professionals always stand out in my mind.

I always felt that finding the right team member to fill open dental jobs was difficult, but since then I’ve learned that utilizing the right systems and tools makes the hiring process easier. Let's look at a few tips to help you find your new Dental Team member.

  1. Have a Great Job Description
    To have a great job description means you know exactly what you need and want. Whether you’re looking for a new Dental Lab Technician, Dental Assistant, Dental Treatment Coordinator or Associate Dentist, write a clear, concise description of the position you are attempting to fill. 

    Include all day-to-day responsibilities; be specific about the details based on the usual and customary procedures done in your Dental Practice every day. Ask for the qualifications that are necessary for production of dentistry in your state and your practice. Lastly, state the performance expectations that are necessary to hold the position. Remember, this is your Dental Practice: ask for exactly what you want.
  2. Take Your Time
    I’ve heard several office managers say: “we’re so desperate, if they have a pulse, they’re hired”. Please resist the temptation to hire the first applicant you meet. Remember you have other dental employees to consider; your entire Dental Team will work with this individual and of equal importance, your patients will be exposed to this employee.

    Hiring too quickly can be a costly mistake; replacing an important employee is costly enough without having to start over because a candidate didn’t work out. Many dental practices require a working interview; I recommend a full day working interview and if hired, a 90-day probationary period. However, be aware of the laws in your state concerning working interviews.

    Don’t be afraid to consider having your entire Dental Team participate in the hiring process. If you have an effective Team, they’ll see issues you may not see. It’s important the candidate you are considering is right for you to produce dentistry, but it is equally important the potential hire is right for your already effective Team members.
  3. Utilize Dental Job Boards
    When you’re advertising for open dental positions, there are many platforms available to post your job position. One of the most effective is the online Dental Job Board. These job boards can be seen by potential Dental Professionals all over the country. 

    Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you need only advertise to the Dental Professionals in your area. There are dental employees all over the country looking to make a change and without a national platform, you could be missing out on the best candidates.

Watch for our articles on tips for interviewing and finding the best fit for your Dental Practice coming in October!

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“The secret of my success is that we have gone to
exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” 
- Steve Jobs