Dental Staffing

The 5 Must Have Qualities of the Modern Manager

By Jacob Morgan, Contributor

I was sitting around with some of my dental friends and we started talking about how much Dentistry had changed over the last 30+ years. Like how we had to do 165 surfaces of amalgam in Dental School. None of us do amalgams anymore, so we got a good laugh out of that! Then someone mentioned “how about the gold foils we had to do and a practical to boot.” Another good laugh.

We were reminiscing about how we never had a practical on composites and how it was once believed you couldn’t get any etch on the dentin…another round of laughter! My how things have changed. Oh, yes, and how we dissected the eyes from two different angles, but never dissected the temporo-mandibular joint! How dumb is that!

As I drove home smiling, I got to thinking about how all the roles had changed over the years. I was curious as to how the roles of the Office Manager had evolved, so I did some research and this is what I found...

5 Must-Have Qualities of the Modern Manager