Dental Staffing

5 Solid Reasons to Attend AADOM

I recently returned from a conference I attended in San Antonio, Texas given by the  American Association of Dental Office Management. In my 40 plus years of working in the field of Dentistry, I have never attended such an exciting event.

Let me explain…

  1. Energy was palpable. These are the men and women who perform the task of managing the ups and downs of the dental practice that allow the handpieces to turn and the providers to produce.
  2. The professionalism was at an all-time high. Attendees engaged with exhibitors as they came with their list of issues they set out to solve. They asked questions and sought answers; they discovered tips that perhaps weren’t issues but jewels they could take back to their office and put into motion for the betterment of the practice.
  3. Exhibitors engaged with other exhibitors.  As an exhibitor, I didn’t meet anyone who wasn’t excited to be there. I personally walked away with information from five other exhibitors that I can use to either improve or collaborate with on future projects. First-timers engaged with veterans, and it was a consensus that this meeting is the best!
  4. The accommodations were wonderful: comfortable and quiet after a long day of conversation. We were given breakfast and lunch buffets and not only was the presentation excellent, but the food was also delicious.
  5. The speakers weren’t just for attendees. There were meetings and opportunities for everyone to attend. They know that that both attendees (who sometimes pay out of their own pocket), and exhibitors alike have spent time and money to be there and AADOM wants the meeting to benefit everyone.

I was particularly excited to have met Steve Cartin. Steve has a 20-year background in dentistry and works with clients across the Southeast and Texas, in the UK and Ireland. I was lucky enough to have received a copy of his book:  Volume I Practice Management from A to Z. I’m on my second time though with a special interest in the chapters on Dental Assistants, Employing Staff and Job Performance.

I hope to pick his brain on Presenting Complete Treatment, Risk Managed Documentation and how he feels about personality tests as they pertain to hiring in the dental office.

I'm not sure how I was first introduced to AADOM, but I’m sure glad I was. I have already secured my booth for next year in Orlando, Florida. If you’ve ever wanted to go to a different type of meeting, can I suggest AADOM? The attendees weren’t just office managers; I spoke to Dentists, Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists as well. I hope to see you all at the next AADOM; you will not be disappointed!


“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged or increased, or it vanishes.”
- Peter Drucker