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7 Perfect Gifts for Your Dental Office Staff

You have a wonderful Dental Office Team. 

Everyone’s in sync and working as one unit. And despite the long, exhausting hours of work, you can trust these people to be ready when you need them. For times when you feel like a simple thank you is not enough to show your appreciation, a gift may be welcome!

If you’re feeling stumped for gift ideas, we’ve drawn up a nifty list of gift ideas for your Dental Office Staff. Whether it’s a thank you, a holiday gift, or a ‘just-because’, these things will bring a smile to anyone on your Dental Office Team.

1. A basket of goodies!

Any professional in the Dental Office will tell you we are some of the greatest consumers of sugary treats! The difference lies in the dental floss and toothbrushes we use daily. But! A great alternative to sweets could be a box of nuts, fruits, or meats and cheeses. Who wouldn’t enjoy such an excellent present! Besides being healthy, snack baskets are extremely practical and they’re perfect for relaxing after a long, hard day. You can throw in a bottle of wine if you really want to make them smile!

2. A gift card to their favorite store, restaurant or coffee kiosk

Gift cards take the guesswork out of gift giving! Your coworkers are free to buy themselves whatever they’d like most —a new book, home decor, or a nice steak dinner for two. 

Gift cards are also easy to have on hand for those unexpected moments when someone on your team earns an extra-special thank you gift by consistently going above and beyond.

3. Buy them lunch…regularly

There’s an old saying that goes, “When you work into your lunch hour day after day, the best way for me to thank you is to buy your lunch!” 

But in all seriousness, everyone loves to be treated out to lunch, even just once. Food has a way of promoting socialization and increasing morale. Eating together helps forge bonds and create better working relationships between colleagues. 

Arrange for a catered lunch at your office at least once a month, or go ahead and book at a restaurant for a sumptuous treat. I worked as an associate and my boss provided a new theme for lunch every month prior to the staff meeting. Get creative! There are barbecues, catering, hayrides and picnics. Further, buy them lunch often, it bonds team members.

4. House cleaning service for a day

There’s not a Dental Office Teammate anywhere who doesn’t want someone to clean their house. Especially parents with small kids; but who doesn’t want to spend a day free of household chores, or come home to a sparkling clean house? If you’ve got the budget, go ahead and pamper your coworkers with the gift of a house cleaning session with a local company. They’ll never forget it!

5. A subscription to a streaming service

What better way to relax after a hard day of work at the Dental Office than to lounge and watch a favorite show or movie? Treat your coworkers to a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. Book lovers would truly enjoy a subscription to Audible or how about SiriusXM to listen on their ride to work.

6. A day of pampered beauty

Who wouldn’t like an hour and a half massage? Let’s throw in a facial with that massage.

A manicure and pedicure will put a smile on anyone’s face. How about a day of all the above! What a way to show appreciation. Even men enjoy massage, facials and pedicures, so don’t hesitate if your Dental Office Team includes men. Some of the best assistants I’ve met are men.

7. The very most important gift of all…

I have studied what makes a Dental Office Team tick for a very long time. Even though money and gifts are nice, absolutely nothing beats a show of appreciation. A simple card with a few words expressing appreciation for a job well done is priceless. I still have a couple of these that are decades old. And a Dentists’ best gift from the Team is working in sync as one unit.

Happy Holidays!!


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“Everyone wants to be appreciated,
if you appreciate someone,
don’t keep it a secret.”
- Mary Kay Ash