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Bring a Great Attitude To Work!


By Dr. Deborah Marynak

I’ve been working in the field of Dentistry a very long time and if I’ve discovered one truth, it’s that Dentistry is very hard work. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an entry level Dental Assistant, Hygienist, Office Manager, the Associate Dentist or the Owner Dentist; a day spent treating Dental Patients is just plain arduous work.

In an effort to make your day in the Dental Office a little easier, I’d like to share an article I found written by
Rose Leadem entitled: The 8 Morning Secrets of Successful People.

1. Get plenty of Sleep! Sleep helps your body and your brain repair itself from the stresses of the day. It also helps prepare you for the workday ahead, how you learn and how you react to stress and problems of the day to come. Sleep is vital when trying to lose weight and generally speaking, lack of sleep can lead to other health problems.

2. Starting the day with a Positive Attitude can make the difference between having a successful day or a stressful day. A positive attitude creates determination and boosts your problem-solving skills. An optimistic outlook creates a trickle-down effect and can be felt by the whole Team. This habit is the most important for all leaders as when you walk into the office, it sets the tone for the entire day.

3. Exercise! Rose reports that morning exercise boosts brain endorphins, which leads to a more positive mood. She goes on to say that “morning exercise boosts creativity, energy, productivity and decreases stress”

4. Don’t neglect to Eat Breakfast! I try to eat more protein and less carbohydrates, because I think it sticks with me longer. When I follow this rule, I don’t find myself getting hungry until we’re much closer to lunch. A good breakfast helps the body run better and gives us more energy to do our jobs better.

Jessica Ennis Hill, the British track and field athlete said “The only one who will tell you you can’t win is you and you don’t have to listen”. You can’t stay on top of a busy day without breakfast!

5. After you wake up, exercise and while you’re eating breakfast, start Planning your “to do” list. Your positive attitude will help you attain your goals to the greatest of your ability. Richard Branson, an English business magnate, investor and philanthropist said: “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”

6. Declutter. Personally, I cannot work in chaos. I can maintain a good attitude and significantly reduce stress if I declutter. If fact, if clutter increases to a tipping point, I have to stop and declutter in order to continue with a more productive day. Lose any and all inessentials!

7. Motivation is essential. In order to stay ahead of competition (on any level!) we need to get a good early start to our day.

8. The early morning is the Quiet time of the day. And while the world is quiet, tasks that require focus and concentration can be easily accomplished.

“Attitude is the little thing that makes a big difference.”

- Winston Churchill

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