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AADOM 2021 is Coming Soon!

It’s been over two years since we’ve been together for an AADOM Conference and personally, I am  very excited! In less than two months, we’ll return to Orlando to participate in this invigorating event. The American Association of Dental Office Management really knows how to bring enthusiasm and energy to their conventions .

I promise...

  1. The energy will be palpable. These are the men and women who perform the task of managing the ups and downs of Dental Practices all over the country. They are the Dental Employees who work the business and allow the handpieces to turn and the providers to produce.
  2. The professionalism is always high as Attendees engage with exhibitors who are there to help them resolve their list of issues. They’ll asked questions and find answers; they’ll discover tips that perhaps weren’t issues, but jewels they can take back to their office and put into motion for the betterment of the practice.
  3. The exhibitors engage with exhibitors, and you won’t find anyone who isn’t excited to be there. I consistently walk away with information from other exhibitors I can use to either improve Dental or collaborate with on future projects. First-timers engage with convention veterans, and it’s  a consensus that this meeting is the best!
  4. The accommodations are wonderful: comfortable and quiet after a long day of conversation. We’ll be given breakfast and lunch buffets where the presentation is excellent, and the food delicious.
  5. The speakers aren’t just for attendees. There are meetings and opportunities for everyone to attend. They know that both attendees (who sometimes pay out of their own pocket), and exhibitors alike have spent time and money to be there and AADOM wants the meeting to benefit everyone.

I’m excited to reconnect with friends like Steve Cartin. Steve has a 20-year background in dentistry and works with clients across the Southeast and Texas, in the UK and Ireland. Steve stared a new company at the outset of the pandemic; he takes the headache of dental insurance off your hands with his company: Dental Office Support.

I plan to connect with companies I have now partnered with to improve the work-life of Dental Practice owners and their Dental Teams. Our new platform offering annual memberships will provide Dental Practices with discounts from our Partners who can improve every aspect of your Dental office.

I’m so grateful to have discovered AADOM, an extraordinarily successful and exciting organization! If you’ve ever wanted to go to a different type of meeting, can I suggest AADOM? The attendees weren’t just office managers; I spoke to Dentists, Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists as well.

I’d like to take this time to invite you to our booth #223. We have a whole new platform for you to discover, with discounts galore and a Grand Prize to boot. I hope to see you all in Orlando for AADOM 2021; you will not be disappointed!



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