Dental Staffing

AADOM Rocks!

I just returned from San Antonio, TX and the meeting of the American Association of Dental Office Management. This is the very best meeting I’ve ever experienced, hands down. The energy was palpating, the Dental Office Managers were professional, experienced and so very interesting to talk to.

These are the Dental Professionals who don’t have a title (like DDS, RDH, or DA!), aren’t required to get continuing education credits and yet, here they were attending classes and learning how to do their job better. Many of them came to the meeting on their own dime; they missed work and time with their family because they’re dedicated to their profession, Dental Practices and the Doctors who employ them.

Well over 200 attendees visited our booth to ask questions, gain information about our company and receive a coupon for a complimentary job post. We discussed their most pressing problems and in 98% of the discussions, I heard the same issue: There are not enough high-quality Dental Assistants available for employment.

No one was sure exactly why there’s such a shortage of good Dental Assistants. Some Attendees thought it might be because corporate dental practices keep snatching them up and providing   benefits such as retirement, uniform allowance, medical, dental, and visual insurance. Others thought it might be the current generation and the small difference between minimum wage and the starting salary of Dental Assistants, without the expense of an education.

I think there may be some of that, but my experience tells me there’s more. Are the practice owners recognizing the talents of the good Dental Assistants they have and are they investing in them? Are they bringing them up higher? Do all Office Managers know who the stars are in their office? The men and women I met at the AADOM meeting know their stars. They spoke with vivid awareness about what they want in a Dental Assistant.

I’d like to thank the Dental Office Managers who visited my booth and shared their stories. Your professionalism and energy was uplifting; let’s do it again next year!




If you are working on something exciting that you really care about,
you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you."
- Steve Jobs