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Are Dental Assistants in High Demand?

Our answer to that is a resounding…YES!! Is this something you are considering for your future? Are you looking for a career in Dentistry with the opportunity for growth? As a Dental Assistant, it is you that directly increases the efficiency of the Dental Practice in the treatment of the Dental Patient and are an integral member of the Dental Care Team.

Are you an outgoing individual who has excellent communication skills? Do you like working with your hands and your mind? Are you reliable and love to multi-task? Then you are on the right career path in Dental Assisting! Let’s look at the numerous tasks that make Dental Assisting more interesting and appealing.

What Are Some of the Responsibilities of the Dental Assistant?

  • The comfort of the patient before, during and after treatment is paramount!
  • Learning your Dentists procedures to assist him/her during treatment.
  • Perform high infection control in turning a room and in sterilization to include documentation of records according to your  state’s rules and regulations.
  • Take diagnostic radiographs.
  • Pre-screening the dental patient’s medical history.
  • Learn proper Dental Chart documentation to avoid risk.
  • Provide proper oral hygiene techniques to patients.

This is just a few of the various tasks performed by Dental Assistants. There’s never a dull day and the variety of tasks makes this a desirable and interesting job in a day at the Dental Office!

If becoming a Dental Assistant sounds like something that interests you, listen to this:

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of Dental Assistants is projected to grow 11% from 2020-2028. This means that the profession of Dental Assisting is one of the fastest-growing professions in healthcare.

As healthcare research continues to link oral health and general health, the need for preventive dental care will increase. This means the Dentist will have to focus on treatment and there will be a need for Dental Assistants to help perform routine tasks. The Dental Practice that utilizes the skills of their Dental Assistants will be more productive, have better work-place culture and have happier patients.

What Are the Advantages of Becoming a Dental Assistant? 

  • Dental Assisting provides opportunity to have a flexible work schedule. This is beneficial if you have young children, or you care for aging parents.
  • Are you a ‘people person’? If so, Dental Assisting is perfect for you. Dental Offices are a patient/people-oriented place to work!
  • Like to have a large variety of tasks to perform? If so, Dental Assisting is perfect for you!
  • Are you a compassionate individual? Most patients are uncomfortable and scared, offering the Dental Assistant the opportunity to put this skill to work throughout the day.
  • Most Dental Practices offer good benefits including dental care at no charge to you and your family, medical insurance, CE stipends and bonus programs.

Dental Assisting is a profession that offers great benefits for a relatively short education. Go to the American Dental Assisting Association and find an accredited Dental Assisting program near you! You never know where Dental Assisting can lead until you check it out!

If you already hold a Dental Assisting Degree and you are looking for a job, go to and post your profile and resume at no charge to you!!




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If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!"
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