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Can You Define the Culture in Your Dental Practice?

Edited 2021

My research has helped me define the culture of a Dental Practice as: The beliefs and behaviors that determine how a Dental Team interacts and handles the business of Dentistry. Business culture can be defined by the Dental Practice owner or develop over time, but solidifies from the totality of the traits of the entire Staff the Dental Practice employs. A Dental Team’s culture can be reflected in its dress code, business hours, administrative and clinical systems, HR policies, treatment of patients, and patient satisfaction.

Becoming critically aware of your office culture is arguably one of the most important components to business success. To see it clearly, it’s important to know the modus operandi of all the Dental Professionals you employ, including yourself. For example…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn more about how all of us operate in order to relate to each other better? Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand why a teammate can’t make a quick decision when it’s such an easy feat for you? I only ask this because the science of office culture has been around in the corporate world since the 1960’s, but in my 50 plus years in Dentistry, it has never been mentioned to me until recently.

Today I can define the issues I’ve experienced in those offices where I was happy and engaged and those where I was often uncomfortable.  This includes those teams that worked like a well-tuned machine, those individuals who’d consistently pick up the ball for their teammates. And, there were those offices where team members complained about each other behind their back and even made obscene gestures towards one another.

So, what is it that generates these differences? Healthy or unhealthy, it’s the office culture: the culmination of the various characteristics of the team members and how they relate to one another. Any of you who have been in dentistry for a while know what I mean as you’ve undoubtedly experienced both cultures I’ve mentioned and everything in between.

Dental Staffing has researched a reliable resource, an  individualized and unique tool that measures our strengths and how we get work done. This tool is called The Clifton Strengths Assessment by Gallup. This tool can help create exceptional work environments where Dental Teams excel. It helps boost the performance  of your Dental Team by maximizing what your employees do best. This resource can increase productivity, reduce turnover, and drastically improve your Dental Practice culture. Check it out, there’s always room for improvement!



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