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Dental Practice Memberships!

I’ve yet to meet a Dental Practice Owner who loves dealing with Dental Insurance companies. As I look back on my Dental Practice, Dental Insurance Companies caused more problems than they solved. It remains today that I tell Dental Practices how important it is to educate patients in the truth that:

Dental Insurance Companies are not designed to make your patients healthy ~
they’re designed to make the insurance company wealthy!

I thought if I could have successfully eliminated them, I would have been happier, but then how could I successfully retain patients?

Today, there’s a solution and I’m excited to talk about it! Have you have heard of Dental Office Memberships? Let me introduce you to this amazing concept designed for those patients who don’t have dental insurance:

The Dental Patient first pays a registration fee to be part of the program, then pays a negligible monthly fee, offering them access to a list of procedures they otherwise might avoid if they don’t have Dental Insurance.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say: “I can’t go to the Dentist because I don’t have Dental Insurance.” I am driven to talk to that individual asking where they ever got such a ridiculous idea; you do not need Dental Insurance to see a Dentist and this statement is driven by the cost of going!

And for those patients who do have Dental Insurance and have experienced the denied services, and the endless appeals, on whether a procedure should or should not have been covered by their Dental Insurance plan. The patients who leave a practice because they had to pay for a procedure and ask” why it was done when it’s not covered by my insurance.”

Patients: It would be unethical for a licensed Dental Professional to skip a necessary step in a procedure just because it wasn’t covered by your Dental Insurance Plan! And it would be entirely unprofessional (and open for a malpractice claim) for a patient with periodontal disease to “just clean your teeth,” when you need periodontal therapy, and your Dental Insurance doesn’t cover it!

Truth be told: If a patient dictated procedures based on their Dental Insurance Plan and there was a problem with that treatment in the future, they’d be the first to complain to the Board of Dentistry or a malpractice attorney.

Let’s eliminate all the drama, drop the insurance plans, and get patients signed up for a Dental Membership Plan! Once you are part of a plan, here are the immediate advantages to maintain your Dental Health:

  • You can confidently get your regular check-ups without having to be certain you are exactly 6 months from your last check-up.
  • You can agree to treatment without waiting for approval by your Dental Insurance Company.
  • You can move forward with a treatment plan designed for your Dental Health, doing procedures not covered by your Dental Insurance Company.
  • It eliminates the stress of denials and appeals with the Dental Insurance Companies.




“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals,
adjust the action steps.”
- Confucius