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Dental Practice Owners: Are Your Clinical Systems Dialed-In to Save Time and Money?

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Recently I got a phone call from a Dental Assistant asking to speak with me about problems she was having in the Dental Practice where she worked. I know of her reputation to be an outstanding Dental Assistant, so I was intent on hearing about the difficulties she was experiencing...

Here’s what she explained:

When entering the sterilization area, you had to guess exactly what was happening. In an efficient system, anyone should be able to step into any stage of the sterilization process. Anyone could then break down/set up trays on any down time. She apologized for complaining, and yet I told her the complaint was valid and understandable.

She told me the assistant who was responsible for the ordering took far too long, and it was clear that there was no inventory system in place for quick and efficient ordering. They were constantly running out of necessary and even basic supplies; when certain products aren’t available during treatment, stress rises.

She went on to say that part of the ordering issue was that there aren’t dedicated places where inventory was stored. When there isn’t a place for everything and without everything in its place, ordering the appropriate supplies is inefficient and wastes time.

She’d given it a lot of thought and realized Dental Practice Owners are heads down, handpiece turning and all they want is to produce a lot of dentistry. She reported she had spoken to the Office Manager about some of the issues, but, after eight months of making polite suggestions, nothing had changed.

There was a time when I couldn’t see the poor clinical systems in my own Dental Practice. The picture changed for me when I experienced an office that was very organized, and everything clicked and moved along seamlessly. As I look back, I realize the systems in that office weren’t put in place by the Doctor; his Lead Dental Assistant was responsible for their tremendous organization.

I did admit to her that over the years, I’d noticed that most Dental Assistants don’t like change. Once systems are in place, even poor systems, improving or changing them is usually met with intense opposition. The unfortunate outcome for this Dental Practice Owner was the loss of an outstanding employee.

It’s important to understand that dentists are not trained to run a business, but as with any business owner, they’re very concerned about saving time and money. And it’s not just about time and money; solid systems make work more enjoyable, preserve energy and reduce stress.

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