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Dental Staff Professionals: Now is the Time to Find That Perfect Job!

The dental profession, once one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. economy, has become one of the most highly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. And it’s not over yet. Although Dental Practices have opened, the majority are now suffering with the problem of diminished Dental Staffing.

Although these Dental Professionals are working hard to catch up from the loss in 2020/2021. Mandates and fear of the virus remain Staffing challenges to Dental Practices across the United States. What does that mean to Dental Professionals on their career path? It means the time for searching for that ideal position in the desired Dental Practice is right now!

1. Make yourself invaluable by bringing crisis management skills to the table.

There will always be unforeseen events, but success lies in how prepared we are to meet each of them. Someone who’s trained in dealing with emergencies is a crucial member of any oral care team, whatever role they may play. And while a pandemic of this magnitude may not come again in your lifetime, it’s to your advantage to have polished risk assessment and crisis management skills. Study office emergencies in the dental setting on a regular basis.

2. Keep up to date with continued education.

While you’ve been out of work for months, hopefully you utilized your time to get the continuing education you need. As you know, healthcare professionals have a responsibility for continuous learning, and the upside of the downside meant you could get your credits faster and in downtime.

Continuing education is a prerequisite in most states for license renewal, but there are other educational courses that can put you in a more favorable position. Leadership and success skills training are topics that demonstrate you are working on positive personal development as well as your professional development. The study of interpersonal skills will work to improve your EQ.

3. Build up your competencies in emotional intelligence (EQ).

A high intelligence quotient is a preference in most industries because it usually indicates an ability to learn, understand and adapt to your environment. Emotional intelligence or EQ has shown to be important because it indicates how well a person maintains interpersonal relations and fits into any group setting. It’s also a good indicator of how someone can effectively manage stressful situations.

Someone who can make reasonable and well-thought-out decisions under pressure is a credit to any team. You can build or improve upon your EQ by studying the various educational publications and by becoming more cognizant of:

a. Your degree of empathetic and thoughtfulness to the needs of everyone around you
b. Your communication skills: are your lines open and as transparent as possible to forge trust? And lastly
c. Your attitude: find something positive in all your interactions

4. Need help finding that perfect job?

Because of the pandemic, there are Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene and Associate Dentist jobs across the U.S. that need filling. Go to and post your stellar profile, upload your resume, and find the Dental Practice that will cherish not only your professional skills, but your interpersonal skills as well!



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