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Dental Staff Professionals Who Bring Their “A” Game to Work Every Day

In the years I’ve spent in Dentistry, I’ve worked in several settings, and I’ve met a lot of Dental Assistants and Hygienists. As I look back, it’s the great ones, the ones who made my life easier I recall the most. The best ones were focused, dedicated and fully engaged in their position. In retrospect, the one thing that was universal to these Dental Professionals was that they were true leaders.

And what made them leaders is that they set an example of what “fully engaged” meant to the Dental Practices and the patients they served. I have no doubt they are behaving in the same fashion today as they did then, no matter what they’re doing.

They show up to work a little early to be sure they were prepared for the huddle. During the huddle they’re attentive to any prospective problems to the schedule and they bring solutions to the problems. They possess a sense of urgency in their work, as is often needed in the practice of Dentistry.

They’re able to think outside the box and easily prioritized issues as they arise. They can thoroughly turn a room at a moment’s notice and pick up slack whenever needed. They’ve memorized the Doctor’s procedures and systems; they’re considered his or her “right arm”. In short, they can be counted on to be there and when they’re not in the office, their absence can be felt by the entire Team.

In the company of patients, they always have a smile on their face. They listen and document everything exactly as it was described to them. They don’t share personal issues with patients, but they listen when patients share their personal problems. They remember the patient’s names, family names and personal interests.

In contrast, they never make excuses should they occasionally be late. They leave their cell phones in their locker checking it only when on break; those not so focused would carry it in their pocket, checking it at various intervals. They don’t share their personal problems with co-workers or patients and their personal problems don’t interfere with their job. They don’t walk by work that needs to be done, leaving it for someone else to complete. Because they possess extraordinary work ethic, they’re respectful of office rules, the patients and each other.

In short, they can be counted on to do whatever it takes to get the job done and done right. And this isn’t just the kind of individual they are at work. This was how they live their life.

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