Dental Staffing

Dental Staffing Would Like to Wish You and Your Dental Team the Very Best New Year!

We know you put untold time and energy into your Dental Practice providing excellent Dental Services to your community. We look forward to providing you with any Staffing needs you may encounter in the New Year. Our easy-to-use Job Board provides a simple pay- per-post ad or an annual membership with access to a list of Partners who are ready to provide highly beneficial offers to help solve any issue you may be experiencing in your Practice.

Dental Job Seekers can create a Profile and upload their Resume at no cost to them!

Now that we have a NEW YEAR to grow, let’s not forget some areas we might want to review to ensure the greatest productivity in our Dental Practices.

  1. The Office Manual
    This manual lays out job descriptions and the general rules of the Dental Practice. The review of your Office Manual is easily placed on the back burner as we go about our busy days in Dentistry. The good news is a great Dental Practice Manual clarifies all areas of job descriptions, duties, and behavior of your Dental Practice expectations.

    Blog/Article: Dental Job Descriptions: Is Your Office Manual Up to Date?
  2. Your New Patient Exam
    Does your New Patient Exam inspire your patients to say “Yes!” to treatment? If your uncertain how to improve it, you can contact for a 30-minute no charge consult.

    Blog/Article: Dental Teams: Are You Wowing Them with your New Patient Exam?
  3. Just a BIG Reminder:
    Reread: Risk Management: The Top 10 Mistakes Dentists Make (that gets them sued!). A lawsuit or a Dental Board complaint can throw your Dental Practice backward for months and even years. Take time to review!!

    Blog/Article: Risk Management: The Top 10 Mistakes Dentists Make



"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."
- Bobby Unser