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Dental Temporary: 4 Steps to Work Only When You Want to Work (And, not when you don’t!)

Edited 2021

Do you ever wonder how nice it would be to work just when you want to work and chose your time off without anyone questioning you? Well, have you even considered working as a Temporary Dental Professional? That means you post your dental temp resume on a Job Board (such as!) in the area you would be willing to work and wait for calls from Dental Practices in your area.

I know, you’re saying: “I can’t do that!” and for some it won’t work; but if you’re able to consider this means of employment, but don’t know how to move forward, this article is for you!

  1. Financial Inventory - If you’re a secondary income in your household, or approaching retirement and have controlled debt, this may work for you. Even if you’re not in this position, and you’re working 3 days/week or 4 days/week, you can start working as a temp on your off days until you can back off your regular job and become more available to temp.

    The important thing to remember is that you are your own boss. You can name your fees in dollars/hour, a percentage of production, or a daily fee. I would caution you, however that even if you think you’re worth your weight in gold, there are other considerations should you decide to become a permanent Dental Temporary.
  2. Current Qualifications - Every state in the nation has some requirements that are necessary to fulfil patient care duties in a perspective Dental Practice. To become a reliable temporary, all certificates, licenses, etc., need to be current and in good standing. Dentists and Dental Hygienists will need to hold their own malpractice insurance.
  3. Professionalism - Ok, so you’ve decided you’re going to take a stab at this because you have kids. When you’re tied to a regular job, you miss some of their functions and you didn’t create a family just to miss them growing up. Remember: just because you don’t have a boss doesn’t mean no one is watching.

    You must present on the job looking crisp and together. You must behave in the most professional manner. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to review our article: “Awesome Dental Assistants Add Value to Any Dental Practice” or “The Dental Hygienist: Five Characteristics that Define Excellent Patient Care” Remember, you want to leave that office having them say: “WOW!”
  4. Reliability/Dependability - As you develop your availability, it’s important to remember reliability and dependability. Even with your certificates and licenses in place, if you don’t develop a reputation of displaying these qualities, you can easily be passed up for someone a Dental Practice can count on. Remember: you’re self-employed and this is your income!

Go to, post your profile and let them know you’re willing and able to fill their temping needs!




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