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More of Our Best Ideas for Dental Marketing

A few months ago we posted our best ideas for Dental Marketing for the first six months of the year. We are continuing that list to help you and your Dental Team come up with some awesome ideas for Dental Marketing for the second half of the year! If you missed our last article with our best tips and tricks for marketing in January-June, you can check it out here.  

It can be tough coming up with creative and effective ideas for Dental Marketing all year long. That’s where we come in: Dental Staffing is dedicated to helping you make the most of your business in all areas! Our goal is to help equip you with all the tools you need to run a successful Dental Practice. This includes helping you find the perfect person for an open position in your office, educating you on documentation and risk management in the Dental Industry, and offering you tips, tricks, and ideas for Dental Marketing your business to current and potential patients. 

Fall and winter are a great time to ramp up your marketing game! It’s a season of busyness for many, so oral health and Dental visits can often take a lower priority. But it’s also the time that we celebrate some of our biggest sweets, candy, and junk-food related holidays! Between 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas, there isn’t a more important time to find some creative ideas for Dental Marketing to make sure your patients are still prioritizing oral health during the holidays. 

Read on to hear our best marketing tips and tricks for the months of July through December. 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in July: 

Fourth of July. It’s surprising how much sweets and candy is consumed on 4th of July! With parades and family barbecues, this is a great time to encourage families to opt for healthier options for their Independence Day Snacks! Send out an email or social media post with some healthy recipe ideas, and ways to avoid overdoing it on the sweet this July. 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in August: 

Tooth Fairy Day. August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day. Don’t forget, your ideas for Dental Marketing don’t always have to revolve around Dentistry! Anything that relates to teeth can be a fun way to connect with your community. The opportunities here are endless: you could have a member of your staff dress up as a tooth fairy and run a social media campaign featuring fun posts or reels of your very own office fairy in action! 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in September: 

Gum Care Month. Here’s a sneak trick for developing your ideas for Dental Marketing: recycle some of your material! Gum Disease Awareness Month was in February, and much of the material you used for February will still be relevant for Gum Care Month. If you have leftover flyers or brochures about proper gum care, use this opportunity to hand them out! You can also re-work any material you used for a social media or email campaign. 

Dental Office Manager Appreciation Month. Where would we be without our Dental Office Managers? A truly great Dental Office Manager is one of the foundations of any Dental Practice, and they deserve all the appreciation that they can get! Make sure to make your Dental Office Manager feel extra special all month long this September! 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in October: 

Dental Hygiene Month. Dental hygiene month is the culmination of everything we do as Dental Professionals! Our goal is to encourage our patients to practice great dental hygiene! There are a variety of ways to promote proper oral health and hygiene practices. Consider creating a social media marketing campaign with lots of graphs and visual aids! Or, you could record a series of videos on best practices for teeth brushing, flossing, and general care. Don’t forget to personalize your campaigns to your office and Dental Team! 

World Smile Day. World Smile Day is the first Friday in October. This day is dedicated to smiles and acts of kindness being spread in your community! You can also focus on the Dental aspect of developing good oral hygiene skills to help you keep your smile beautiful. Consider hosting a community outreach event or having your Dental Team participate in a charity event or fundraiser! 

Halloween. October 31st is one of the highest days of the year for children and adults consuming sweets, treats, and sugary candy. Education is a huge piece of keeping your patients teeth and gums healthy during this season! Consider hosting a fun day-time block party of “trunk or treat” that’s open to the community! You could provide games, activities, and non-edible prizes and treats for kids, and host a panel of dental professionals who can talk about dental hygiene in a fun and engaging way! It’s not only a great way to educate your existing patients, it could be a fun way to reach potential patients in your community who happen to walk by your event! Plus, an event like this will give you tons of great material to promote on your website, social media pages, and email newsletter. 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in November: 

TMJ Awareness Month. As we know, TMJ can be a very serious condition that can affect the overall oral health of your patients. If your office offers free consultations for patients who believe they might be suffering from TMJ now is a great time to promote that service! Paid ads online can help get your message in front of the right audience, and will also help you get the attention of potential patients who might not know about your specialty. You could also offer a discount on custom mouth guards or protective gear for patients who book with you during the month of November. There are lots of ideas for Dental Marketing regarding TMJ on social medias well! You can discuss symptoms, potential issues that might arise from TMJ, and the importance of proper Dental Care to prevent TMJ. 

Mouth Cancer Awareness Month. Many people don’t know the importance of oral health as it can relate to certain mouth and throat cancers. A great tip for marketing your Dental Office is not only to provide exemplary service to your patients, but to be a valuable resource that provides relevant information. Take this opportunity to educate your community on the importance of good oral health to prevent more serious disease. Thanksgiving. Generally, the objective behind marketing is to reach a new audience and gain new business. But there are lots of times when marketing can be used to show your appreciation for your existing clientele. We wouldn’t be successful without our loyal patients! Show your patients how much you appreciate their business and loyalty by developing a simple Thanksgiving marketing campaign that tells all of your Dental Staff, past and present patients, and community how much you value them. 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in December: 

Christmas. We encourage all of our Dental Professionals to spend this time reaching out and giving back to the community. There are a lot of small ideas for Dental Marketing with Christmas food and candies, but don’t forget about the reason for the season! Giving back and celebrating our loved ones and communities. Consider taking this time to host a charity event, fundraiser, or toy drive. Schedule some time with your team to volunteer at a non-profit. Plan a school visit where you bring gifts and goodies (as well as some quality dental-related educational tools!) to local schools or after-school centers in lower income areas. These events can be valuable marketing tools, getting your brand in front of a new audience. But they’re also important for other reasons. Hosting events like this is great for team bonding, morale boosting, and showing your community how much you care for them. 

Do you have any awesome ideas for Dental Marketing that we missed? Or any special days that you celebrate in your Dental Office? We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment, or contact us directly! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more marketing tips and tricks! 


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