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Hello! I’m writing you to tell you I’ve experienced how hard it is to put together the very best Dental Team. You know, the Team that supports your culture, your mission and understands the value of hard work and productivity. 

Even in retirement, I can recall interviewing perspective employees and most often choosing the wrong person! Don’t get me wrong, I did have some outstanding employees, all of whom I can count on one hand. Most of them I still speak to from time to time. 

I’m writing to tell you about Dental I’m not certain if you’ve visited the site, but I’d like to take this time to invite you. We’re newer and younger than most staffing job boards, but we’re FULL of great information, articles, and discounts from great Partners. We have Job Seekers from all over the U.S.; some are looking to relocate, and some are on the site looking for jobs anonymously.

We have articles on how to write the best ad when searching for the right employee. I always encourage Dental Practices to brag a little about their office culture and benefits. Sometimes (most times!) office culture and benefits outweigh salary. I know for me, a culture of camaraderie and steadfast Teamwork is very important.

The companies we’ve chosen to Partner with have been thoroughly interviewed and researched. I’m quite certain they can help you with any issue you’re experiencing. They offer Partner discounts to Dental Practices who purchase a Dental Staffing Membership at

I always recommend posting your ads on more than one site. Our “willing to relocate” indicator could be a real help and I’d like to invite you again to check out Dental We’re very reasonable and you can use us as an additional tool in your search for the Best Team Ever!


Yours For the Most Productive 2023 and Beyond ~


Dr. Deborah L. Marynak