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Our Best Ideas for Dental Marketing

We are only a couple of months into the new year, but it can already feel difficult coming up with new ideas for Dental Marketing! We get it, you want to find engaging content to promote your Dental Office, and maybe an excuse to celebrate with the rest of your Dental Staff. In this article we have highlighted some of our best ideas for Dental Marketing, broken down by month. This calendar will give your Dental Office an excuse to host some fun events for your Dental Staff, and it can help you promote your Dental Services to your community and patients. 

Here is our comprehensive list of ideas for Dental Marketing, we hope you enjoy it! 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in January: 

New Year, New You. The first week of the year, lots of people are making new dedications to health and wellness. Oral health is a huge part of overall wellness! Make sure to capitalize on New Year resolutions by hosting a “New Year, New You” event! You can offer discounts on services, promote new team members, and even host a giveaway for your patients. 

Medical Group Practice Week (4th Monday in January). This date is already past, but it’s never too early to think about next year! This week can be a great time to plan a corporate event or retreat for you and your Dental Staff! What better way to tell your team how much you appreciate them than a fun or exciting outing as a group? 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in February: 

Children’s Dental Health Month. This is an incredible time to prioritize the littlest patients in your Dental Office. You can give out little goodie bags to every client under the age of 12, or offer a discount for parents who book their child’s check-up during the month of February. 

Gum Disease Awareness Month. As Dental Professionals, we know there is nothing more important than gum health! But do our patients know that? Make a fun flier or brochure to give out to your February patients, and try sending out an email or mailer that outlines ways your patients can prevent gum disease. 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in March: 

Dental Assistants Recognition Week. The first full week of March is the official Dental Assistant Recognition Week, and it’s an amazing time to give your staff some love and recognition! The right Dental Assistant can be hard to find, so it’s important to let them know how much you appreciate them. 

Dentist Day. March 6, 2021 was Dentist Day! Not only do we have ideas for Dental Marketing to your patients, but we have ideas for ways to celebrate in-house. Dentist Day can be a great day to make a post on social media, but the most important part of this day is appreciate the Dentists in your Dental Office. Dentists make our world go round, and we need to make sure they know how vital they are to what we do! Some ideas for your Dentists are: 

  • A handwritten card and flower arrangement.
  • A gift card to a favorite restaurant or business.
  • Decorating the office and ordering a cake.
  • Taking the Dentists out to lunch.
  • A cash bonus.
  • An extra paid day off.

Ideas for Dental Marketing in April:

Dental Hygienist Week. It might seem too early to start thinking of ideas for Dental Marketing in April, but it will be here before we know it! The second week of April is the National Dental Hygienist Week, and it’s the perfect time to promote dental hygiene to your patients and community. You can also do a social media series, featuring a different Dental Hygienist in your office every day of the week! 

Haiku Poetry Day. April 17th is Haiku Poetry Day! It might seem strange for a Dental Office to celebrate goofy holidays like this. But part of developing creative ideas for Dental Marketing are thinking outside the box! Host a Haiku writing contest! Feature the contest on social media, in an email marketing campaign, or even take out an ad in the local newspaper. Put up the Haiku entries around the office, and offer an awesome prize! This is a great way to engage your patients in an activity that isn’t necessarily tooth related, and can be a tool for reaching new patients who submit a poem to your contest! 

Ideas for Dental Marketing in May: 

Root Canal Awareness Week. This definitely isn’t the most “fun” subject, so crafting some ideas for Dental Marketing about root canals can be tricky! But it’s so important to teach your patients how to avoid tooth decay that leads to a root canal. Reach your audience by posting short videos online, demonstrating proper oral hygiene practices to ensure oral health and prevent cavities.

Ideas for Dental Marketing in June: 

Oral Health Month. The whole month of June is Oral Health Month. Oral health is what we do best! Get creative with ways to reach your community. You could host a parking lot party at your Dental Practice, giving away toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other fun goodies along with brochures outlining proper brushing, flossing, and tooth care techniques. 

Best Friends Day. June 8 is National Best Friend’s Day. Consider running a promotion in your office! For every “best friend” referred to your Dental Office gets one entry into a raffle! At the end of June, host a raffle drawing online. 

We simply couldn’t fit all of our amazing ideas for Dental Marketing in just one article, so stay tuned for part two of this piece, coming in just a few months!

For now, we recommend implementing as many of these marketing tips as you can into your Dental Marketing calendar! By following these ideas for marketing your Dental Practice, you’re going to see some amazing results. 

Do you have more ideas for Dental Marketing? We would love to hear them! Post them in the comments below, or send us a message through our contact page

Good luck, and happy marketing! 


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