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Post Your Profile and Upload Your Resume at Before Taking the First Dental Job Offer You Receive; Think Long-Term!

I’ve been speaking to several Community Colleges about their assisting students getting job offers when they do there clinicals. They report to me that the students are employed even before they have graduated or become certified. It seems unfortunate (or at least a huge disadvantage) to those Dental Practices without a Dental Assisting Program in their community!

There’s something I’d like to point out, however: what if you discover the position you’ve accepted isn’t what you thought it would be? What happens if you accept the job, and you find:

  • the culture in the practice isn’t as professional as you thought it would be
  • the benefits you thought you’d be getting are now going to be limited
  • the coaching you thought you’d be receiving is lacking and you’re uncomfortable
  • the chain of command is unclear, and you don’t know who to address with your questions

So many young Dental Professionals (so many young people in general?!) only think in the moment. I’d like to challenge you to try and think long-term! This is your chosen profession; why not work to find that forever job where you can become part of an awesome Dental Practice Family. You know, where everyone works together for the good of the Practice. A Dental Practice Family where you’re getting the coaching you need to become an integral part of the Dental Practice Team.

For me, it all comes down to how I want to spend the 8 or 9 hours a day at my choice for a Dental Job. If I’m going to put in my time, I want to go home feeling accomplished. I want to feel like I made a difference in the lives of my Dental Teammates and the Dental Patients I serve.  Mostly I want to feel like I have become an important member of the Dental Practice Team.

So, when you’re finishing your Dental Assisting education, stop and think long-term. It doesn’t hurt to post your profile (come on now, tell me what a great human being you are!) and upload your resume just in case the job you are offered isn’t everything you hoped it would be!

So, let’s do this: go to Post your profile, upload that resume. If you need any help with your resume go to "What should a dental professional include on their resume". Let’s get you out there to become part of a Dental Dream Team!!



“You will make better decisions once you begin
thinking long-term rather than short-term.”
- Adam Smith