Dental Staffing

Resume Verification of the Dental Job Seeker

hands typing on a keyboard in front of a computer screen showing a resume

Verifying a resume is an important process for dental practices to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by the job seekers. While the specific steps may vary, here are four common steps to verify a resume:

Contact Information and Basic Details: Verify the dental professional’s contact information, including phone numbers, and email addresses. This can be done by messaging the job seeker right from the Dental Staffing platform. The message will go directly to their inbox.


Employment History: Contact the dental job seeker's previous employers to verify the accuracy of the job titles, work history, and responsibilities. It is well known that former dental employers are hesitant to give any reference as to a candidates job performance. A good rule is to simply ask:

“If a position were to open in your dental practice, would you rehire this individual?”


Education and Credentials: Verify the job seeker's educational background, degrees, certifications, and other relevant credentials. This can be done by contacting educational institutions, certification bodies such as DANB, or dental licensing boards to ensure that the job seeker’s information is accurate.


References: Contact the references provided by the candidate to inquire about work ethic, and overall performance. References can provide valuable insights but design your questions in such a way to discern whether a reference is legitimate.


Additional steps may include background checks and drug testing. Remember: it's essential to follow legal and ethical guidelines while conducting resume verification to protect both the candidate's privacy and the dental practice’s reputation.



“My resume is just a list of things
I never want to do again.”
- Author Unknown