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See How It Works at Dental Staffing; Purchase a Membership or Place an Ad

At Dental Staffing, we’ve spent a great deal of time working to get to a place where we feel we’ve provided the best value for your hard-earned dollar. Many sites charge more for a 30-day ad than the cost of our Annual Membership. If you prefer to keep it simple, just Place an Ad! I always encourage Dental Practices to take their time finding good employees. Hiring the wrong people is costly and creates stress for the entire Team.

Although you may not immediately find the right individual at Dental Staffing, placing an ad through our Membership platform may bring you the most awesome dental professional in two, four or more months. The one employee that may be the leader in their area that you may not have found in a 30-day ad.

But you say you need the right employee now! In today’s climate, every profession is struggling to find the right employees. While speaking to dozens of Dental Practices, few have been fortunate enough to have had all former employees return to the Practice where they were employed prior to the onset of the pandemic.

A Dental Staffing, Job Seekers can place anonymous availability and they can also indicate they are willing to move. People move for all kinds of reasons; I moved to get away from winter and moved again to flee the annual fire threat. The one thing I learned while practicing was no matter the dental venue, outstanding employees are difficult to find. When you find one, do everything you can to keep them.

Your Membership also offers you specials from our Partners. These Dental Companies are thoroughly researched for the benefits they can offer your Dental Team and the Practice as a whole. Should you choose to simple, single Ad, it will display for 60 days and renew for $21. You will always be notified of the impending renewal with the opportunity to stop your ad at any time.

As always, Job Seekers never pay to register on Dental Staffing. They can post a profile anonymously and/or indicated whether they’d be interested in relocating.

We are working diligently to find Dental Job Seekers through direct mail, social media, and Dental Conventions. Remember, most everyone is struggling to find the right employees to work in and represent their Dental Practice.


Yours for a better year ~





“The greatest moments of your life
are the most difficult ones.
it’s the only time you learn.”
- Mandy Pitinkin