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The Chicago Midwinter!!

February 20th is coming, and it’s time again for the Chicago Midwinter meeting. Are you going to be there? Every seasoned dental professional knows about this event held annually by the Chicago Dental Society, but if you’re new to the industry, you might want to read up on some of these quick facts:


  • The Chicago Dental Society, an organization founded in 1864, was set up to promote the science of dentistry, speak up and act on behalf of dentist interests, and advocate proper oral health. It works together with the American Dental Association and the Illinois State Dental Society to form a tripartite that counts approximately 4,400 members.
  • Every February, during its annual conference, the CDS holds the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. This year, for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting’s 155th assembly, it will be held from the 20th of February through March 2nd.


Why Everyone Should Attend the Chicago Midwinter Meeting


The Chicago Midwinter Meeting is one of three leading dental assemblies in the United States, and in Chicago, it’s one of the top 20 conventions to attend. For businesses that deal in the dental market, it’s a great place to exhibit your goods because the event draws tens of thousands of attendees, including over 6,000 dentists.


For all dental professionals it’s also an excellent opportunity to receive some of the latest and best educational lectures and  to discover the latest dental technology products as well. The Chicago Midwinter Meeting draws over 650 participating companies and exhibitors in what is recognized as one of the largest dental exhibits in the North American region. Meanwhile, all courses on Saturday, Feb. 22 will be offered free for all dental students. 


What Else Can Attendees Get From Attending the Trade Show? 


The answer is: a lot! Aside from the Exhibit Hall where you can try out the newest innovations, the event offers the perfect chance to network with others in the industry, hear from leaders in the field, attend hands-on workshops, and experience some of the best continuing education opportunities. There will be live patient demonstrations, all day lectures, and business management insights. Over 250 courses will also be offered for your choosing.


What to Expect at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2020


Although there will be many events scheduled for the trade show, there are several special programs that serve as a highlight to the upcoming Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Some of these are:


1. A simulated court trial 

Robert Anderton, DDS, JD; Jo Jagor, JD; Mitchell Gardner, DMD; and Ryan Donihue, JD will present a simulated legal trial (“An Opioid Overdose Death Following Dental Surgery”) to show how evidence and testimony is presented in the courtroom by both the prosecutors and defense teams.


2. Practice tracks 

There will be an all-day track titled, “Implants in Today’s Dental Practice,” where six doctors will discuss how to use lasers to save implants that are failing. They will also give an overview on implant growth and maintenance. Another track of note will be given by six speakers who will explore the business side of the dental practice, including marketing, financial organization, and communications.


3. Oral cancer symposium

Rush University Medical Center will send eight physicians and dentists from its head and neck cancer team to discuss the early detection, evaluation, and management of oral cancers. 


4. Certification class 

To be presented by Dr. Robert Convissar: this American Board of Laser Surgery approved certification class titled, “Laser Dentistry from A-Z,” will detail the uses of lasers for specified procedures.


5. Dental Assistant Roundtable 

This roundtable will discuss and review tips for avoiding contamination pitfalls, improving performance, and 

developing better sterilization procedures. Aside from the great choice of programs and lectures, special events, and the addition of course selections, there will also be several social event options to give you a chance to unwind and interact with colleagues. 


The Chicago Midwinter Meeting is a yearly must attend for all dental professionals, and is always an event to remember.  If you haven’t registered yet, visit their website and register TODAY! And it’s never too early to start making plans for Chicago’s Midwinter Meeting 2021!  Hope to see you on the 20th! 


Hey, I know Chicago is very cold in February, but this is such a powerful event, you won’t even notice!!



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