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The Dental Job Board

I get a fair number of calls from various dental practices asking me if I have any resumes for dental assistants, dental hygienists or associate dentists they can review. When I try and explain that we’re a national online job board, there’s a long pause whereby I’m compelled to ask: "are you familiar with job boards?"

I am surprised at how many people don’t know what a job board is and what it has to offer. The Job Board is an online source for dental practices to post job openings and review resumes that have been posted by dental employees looking for work.

Sometimes I get calls asking me how many resumes we have on the site. On any given day, I can't answer that question, but that's not the most important thing to remember about a job board. Perhaps a dental employee doesn't want their employer to know they're looking for a new job.

Employees can register and watch ads without posting a resume. They can also post a "blind" resume with a fictitious name with a new email address.

Employers can also post a blind ad when they're planning to make a change in the practice and they don't want anyone in the practice to know of their plans.

At Dental Staffing there's no cost to the dental employee posting a resume. The cost is incurred only when a dental practice wants to post an ad for a job opening. The more experienced and longer running job boards are usually the most expensive. Some job boards charge to post and ad and there's a second cost to view resumes.

I've had patients tell me they purchase everything online. When questioned, they mean everything from clothes to groceries and gifts to automobiles. They bank, pay bills, plan vacations and review books and movies, all online. So why wouldn't you find a new job or a new employee the same way?

If you want to place an ad in a newspaper or in a professional magazine, you have to do it when their office is open. If placed online, you can do it at 3:00 AM in your pajamas! How awesome I that?! There are job boards that post ads for all types of jobs and professions. Then there's the "niche job board".
A niche job board is specific to a profession. Dental Staffing is specifically designed for Dental Professionals. We're a young company with one very reasonable fee to both place an ad and view resumes. There's never a charge to dental employees.

Please also check out our newest venture: a national temp board. If you want to work as a temporary and work only when you want to, post your resume. There’s currently no charge to dental practices to view resumes looking for temporary dental professional.
Remember, it’s; it’s so reasonable, what have you got to lose?


"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."
– Benjamin Franklin