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The Dental Temporary Checklist for Success!

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Many dental professionals have found temporary work an appealing option because of the benefits it offers, including flexibility, diversity of work experiences gained, and the chance to learn new skills. When deciding on temping, you can either work for a temping service, or create your own company and work for yourself. If you’re new to dental temping or considering taking that leap, use this checklist to set yourself up for success. These tips will keep you foremost in their mind and keep them calling you back. 

  1. Have a positive attitude:
    We know that working long hours can be difficult, particularly if there is a long list of patients coming in, one right after the other. However, treating co-workers and patients with a pleasant attitude can help improve the way a Dental Practice views you. Positivity is infectious and your welcome smile may just rub off on others to alter the mood in the office.

    If that hasn’t convinced you, then maybe this will: Employees with a positive outlook tend to be more successful than those who tend to lean towards pessimism. Studies show that positive people are more likely to get promoted and earn more.
  2. Show professional integrity:
    People who follow moral and ethical principles in the workplace are highly valued by employers. These individuals are called to temp first because they can be trusted. They show up on time and dress professionally, they take responsibility for their actions, they’re respectful of patients and other team members and they produce high-quality work. 
  3. Show dedication to your work:
    Dedication means giving your all to a task even when the situation is less than ideal. Employees who show dedication to their job are often characterized by exemplary work and employers often seek them out for work because they’ve proven to get the job done and done well.
  4. Show flexibility:
    The dental workplace, especially when you’re temping, can have shifting dynamics that you’ll need to be able to respond to quickly. Each dental office is different and the ability to adapt to changes makes you a more valuable member of the team. 
  5. Stay organized:
    It’s easy to forget schedules and systems when you’re temping in more than one dental office. Create and follow a work calendar and keep track of the work you do at each office. Always ask to review the emergency office plan and know where the first-aid kit, oxygen and AED are kept.

Call in advance of the scheduled position to confirm the date, time, and proposed compensation for the appointment. If you decide to become your own boss, clarify your rules regarding compensation and when that compensation is due with the dental practice before the assignment. Record your hours of service and confirm them daily with the office manager.

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