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During the Pandemic and while all Dental Offices in the United States were ordered to close, we got busy. We’ve developed a whole NEW website with a new choice of platforms. We have several exciting changes we want to introduce, so let’s talk about them now.

First and most important: we have completely redesigned our website and are providing a far more cost-effective method of posting ads. Although we’ve kept our pay per post, we’ve added a year-long membership and access to discounts from our valuable Partners. This eliminates the process of paying for a  post every time Dental Staffing is used; the cost for a full year membership is less than what most sites charge for a single ad.

Secondly, we are asking Job Seekers and Dental Practices to develop profiles. This allows both Job Seekers and Dental Practices to learn more about each other. If a profile looks promising to a Dental Practice, they can request a resume for more detailed information. If the Job Seeker is looking for a certain type of Dental Practice to join, they can read a little about the Practice through their profile.

Our single, most important goal is to make this as easy as possible for all parties. I still monitor all resumes prior to making them available for viewing. When it comes to clinical resumes, I prefer new graduates or experienced Dental Professionals, but a good trainee whose aspires to a Dental education is acceptable. On the administrative side, if the resume is professional, I am open to getting those individuals into reception or administrative assistant positions. We all have to start somewhere.

We’ve added some impressive services. Check out the Gallup Strengths Assessment we’ve introduced. This company will help you determine the modus operando of the individuals you are considering for employment. If the entire Dental Practice Team has taken the assessment, it makes for a more harmonious culture when everyone understands how their Teammates go about the business of their day.

Check out the webinar on Risk Management and Documentation. Does your practice have regular meetings and review how to properly document to avoid risk? I’ve been in several Dental Practices, and I’m consistently surprised to see how poorly patient charts and interactions are documented.

How about a company that offers funding to patients for their dental treatment and doesn’t cost the Dental Practice anything? Would you consider outsourcing your Dental Insurance. One phone call can remove this stress!

We’ve been doing everything we can to make finding the right Dental Professional for the right Dental Practice as easy as possible. We’ve added valuable services that we feel can save the Dental Practice time and money, create a more pleasant office culture, and reduce the stress of the everyday business of Dentistry.

We hope you enjoy the new site; we’re confident we’ve improved the platform to help both Job Seekers and Dental Practices find just what they’re looking for. Go to and research the Membership Platforms, Partners and Resources we’ve selected to improve your work-life balance!



“Always desire to learn something useful.”
- Sophocles