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As We Promised...

The number one question I get when speaking to Office Managers and Practice Owners is how can they find a temporary quickly when a Team member is out sick.

We’ve promised to develop a national dental temporary job board, and that’s what we’re doing! Launching on October 1st, Dental Staffing will present a whole new area of our website to begin creating a database for Dental Professionals who want to simply work when and where they please.

So, if you’re a Dentist, Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant and you’ve decided to cut back on your work schedule and work as a Locum Tenens or dental temporary, post your resume and all the necessary information. As always, posting a resume will always be at no charge. Further, this area of the Dental Staffing site will remain free of charge for all users as we create this National Dental Temp data base.

Because, remember: you’ve done it right by hiring the consultant, you developed a financial plan for daily, weekly and monthly productivity and then here comes flu season. Your hygiene department was right on point to produce the planned treatment and now your hygienist is sick. Does that mean their chair sits empty because patients had to be rescheduled?

I guess that depends on your location, but on average, if she's (or he's) out just one day, you lose approximately $1,360. If they’re out a week, $6,800; how about an eight-week maternity leave... $54,400 or more depending on your periodontal program.

You not only lose the hygiene production, but you miss the exams that fill your future schedule! Suffice it to say, that hygiene department needs to be buzzing every day.

Let's say it's your assistant that's out unexpectedly. The work normally done by that team member now falls on the remaining assistants and stress levels start to rise. You’ve all heard how that stress can be felt by our patients and there’s a high probability that they’re already stressed just walking through the door.

A friend of mine wanted to spend a month in Europe and was concerned that on his return, he'’d have an empty schedule. I suggested he consider hiring a Locum Tenens, even if it's just for doing hygiene exams. That way on his return, there'd be patients ready for him to treat.

Keep your eyes open and watch for this exciting new feature coming October 1st. Tell your bosses, friends and colleagues. As I stated when speaking to all of you at AADOM: "it'll be daunting, but it'll be worth it!"

"A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door." ~ Confucius

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