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What It Takes to Acquire a Dental Administrative Position

The Dental field is an ever-growing industry, and the average monthly revenue for Dental Practices continues to climb steadily every year. Working as a Dental Professional provides a certain degree of job security if you can get your foot in the door and prove yourself to be a capable employee. 

We aren't just discussing licensed and certified Dental Professionals, but the benefits of working in the Dental industry involve front office Dental Staffing positions as well. If you're ready to start a rewarding career working in an Administrative Dental position, keep on reading while we fill you in on the steps you can take to land your dream job!

What Positions are Included in A Dental Administrative Role, The Gatekeepers?

Depending on the size of the practice, whether it be a solo private practice, multiple doctor private practice or a corporation, the various administrative positions can be held by a single employee or be designated to several individual employees.

  • Receptionist: this is the primary individual answering the phone, greeting patients, and making appointments.
  • Insurance Coordinator: this position involves entering and verifying all dental insurance companies as they pertain to the patients.
  • Treatment Coordinator: this position entails the explanation of the treatment planned for the patients. This position works closely with the Insurance Coordinator to ensure the patient fully understands the recommended treatment, what their insurance will/will not cover and gain a signature demonstrating the patient fully understands.
  • Office Manager: this position oversees all  the above and rises to the employee in closest communication to the Owner Dentist or Corporation.

What Certification Is Needed for An Administrative Dental Job?

The convenient thing about working in an Administrative Dental position, is that you're usually not required to have a higher education. But make no mistake, the Gatekeepers have the toughest job inside the four walls of the Dental Practice. The one skill that can almost guarantee an interview is years of experience in a clinical setting, usually as a Dental Assistant. 

What Is Required?

Although you're not required to have a special license, certification, or diploma for a Dental Administrative position, there are skills that will be vital to making your career choice a success. Naturally, these skills are useful in any job situation, but they’re especially important at the front desk of any dental office.

  • The ability to be “on at all times” is paramount! In any given situation, whomever is speaking to that patient needs to be in an upbeat, “on” mood 8-5.
  • They need to display a warm, soothing tone of voice.
  • They need to have a strong understanding of the computer software scheduling system. Often you will see a resume indicating “strong skills in EagleSoft, Dentrix, etc.”
  • They should have strong organizational skills, as well as knowledge of time management and prioritization.
  • There’s a need for effective communication skills, especially under pressure; no one should ever know they’re under duress.
  • They need to possess the ability to be flexible and when they need to research a patient question and they make a promise to call the patient back, they consistently follow through.
  • They must be willing to learn and to take criticism gracefully.

Get Started Looking for Your Administrative Dental Job

You may have experienced the frustration of sending out dozens of resumes, and not getting any response in return. The key to a sound job search in Dental Administration is making targeted connections. 

When developing your Profile, provide a summary of skills that can set you apart from your competition. If you have administrative experience, discuss your background. If you've managed schedules and teams of people, if you've worked in the dental field, make sure you elaborate these strengths on your resume! Hiring managers are looking for people who are willing to take the time and initiative to make sure they stand out from the crowd. 

After your first interview, make sure you follow up. Cement an impression with a diligent follow-up; you’re building a relationship and presenting yourself as a friendly, organized, and professional individual. It’s marketing yourself by putting a voice and a personality behind the name on your resume. This builds trust, creates a personal connection, and can land you the administrative position of your dreams! 

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