Dental Staffing

What Makes a Great Dental Team Member?

  1. They get to work on time. Their lunch is in the fridge, their phone is off and put away; they’re at the morning huddle, schedule in hand.
  2. They’re completely focused on the business of Dentistry. They’re not discussing personal problems, plans for after work or talking on their phone at inappropriate times. A consultant once said that a personal phone call divides our attention. It takes an employee 30 minutes to get back on the job after a personal issue interrupts their day.
  3. They’re self-starters and go out of their way to support their co-workers. They don’t walk by something that needs to be done. They communicate with co-workers about helping with what needs to be done first, second, etc.
  4. They’re social on an appropriate level; they keep their personal problems to themselves. Learning what to discuss with patients and what not to discuss is important to an upbeat office atmosphere.
  5. They’re positive! It is very difficult to work around negative people. Negativity is a slow, invasive problem that rubs off on others without their even knowing it.
  6. They have a “can do” attitude when troubleshooting problems. When problems arise, they have a positive outlook when discussing solutions.
  7. They communicate directly to co-workers rather than complaining behind their back. Backstabbing creates an undertone of distrust and negativity; dentistry is stressful enough without adding this dimension.
  8. They don’t leave work without checking; they check if anything more needs to be done or if anyone needs help completing a task.


"No one can whistle a symphony. 
It takes the whole orchestra to play it." 
- H.E. Luccock