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Why Do Dental Employees Quit?

After reading several articles and speaking to countless Dental Team Members, what I found was exactly as I suspected. There are predominately three top reasons why a Dental Employee may decide to leave your Dental Practice for a different job. These were summarized by an article in Dental Practice Management.

3. Money

Most people would think that money is the number one reason; money is the third of three reasons that came up repeatedly. Although money talks, there are other reasons Dental Employees decide to make a change.

A Dental Hygienist stated: “Even though my production increased every year, I never got a raise in eight and a half years. I realized I was working harder, but wasn't benefiting from it. I took the leap to something different.”

2. Growth

Although job duties in Dentistry are sharply defined, it’s important to offer Employees a chance to develop their skill through continuing education. Employees need breaks to attend state meetings and other courses; providing benefits such as funded CE speaks volumes to their importance to the practice.

Attending educational courses as a Team creates personal fulfillment, demonstrates respect for Employees and helps the Dental Team feel as if their efforts are valuable to the Dental Practice. It’s been said: the family that plays together stays together.

1. Appreciation

Across the board, the number one reason Dental Teams may fall apart is a lack of appreciation for their efforts; there is a basic human desire to feel appreciated every day. 

In the business of Dentistry, the stress of a hectic day can leave everyone exhausted and just wanting to go home. It is critical for Dental Leaders to remember to thank everyone at the end of a tough day. They need to go home with a feeling of accomplishment they can only get from a simple verbal acknowledgement.

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“People may take a job for more money,
but they often leave it for more recognition.”
- Bob Nelson