Dental Staffing

Why Do Dental Employees Quit?

By Dr. Deborah Marynak

After reading several articles and speaking to countless Dental Team Members, what I found was exactly as I suspected. The top three reasons why a Dental Employee may decide to leave your Dental practice for a different job. These were summarized by an article in Dental Practice Management.
3. Money
Most people would think that money is the number one reason; money is the third of three reasons that came up repeatedly. Although money talks, there are other reasons Dental Employees decide to make a change.
A Dental Hygienist stated: “Even though my production increased every year, I never got a raise in eight and a half years. I realized I was working harder, but wasn't benefiting from it. So I took the leap to something different”.
2. Growth

Although job duties in Dentistry are sharply defined, it’s important to offer Employees a chance to develop their skill through continuing education. Including Employees when breaks are taken to attend state meetings and other courses speaks volumes to their importance to the practice.
Attending educational courses as a Team creates personal fulfillment, demonstrates respect for Employees and helps the Staff feel as they are a valuable asset.
1. Appreciation
There is a basic human desire to feel appreciated on a daily basis. In the business of Dentistry, the stress of a hectic day can leave everyone exhausted and just wanting to go home. It is critical for the Dentist Leaders to remember to thank everyone at the end of a tough day. They need to go home with a feeling of accomplishment they can only get from a simple verbal acknowledgement.



“People may take a job for more money,
but they often leave it for more recognition.”
- Bob Nelson