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Why Your Dental Practice Needs to Plan Ahead for Temporary Staffing (And a Way to be Sure You Have It!)

A dentist is examining a dental X-ray.

You’ve done it all, hired the consultant, developed a financial plan for daily, weekly, and monthly productivity and then here comes flu season. Your Dental Hygiene department was right on point to produce the planned treatment and now your Hygienist is sick. So what does that mean? I guess that depends on your location and the size of your practice. On average, in a small practice, one day without a Dental Temp, you could lose approximately $1,360. If they’re out a week, $6,800; how about an eight-week maternity leave… $54,400 or more depending on your periodontal program.

You not only lose the hygiene production, but you miss the exams that fill your future schedule! Suffice it to say, that Dental Hygiene department needs to be buzzing every day.

Let’s say it’s your assistant that’s out unexpectedly. The work normally done by that Team member now falls on the remaining Dental Assistants and stress levels start to rise. You’ve all heard how that stress can be felt by your patients and there’s a high probability that patients are already stressed just walking through the door.

Once more, you have to remember that patients have a life, too. We send the wrong message if we reschedule an appointment they may have had planned for months. Did they arrange a driver so they could come and see you? Did they hire daycare just to make an appointment at the Dentist?

As Dental Professionals, we stress the importance of maintaining dental health with a professional cleaning or restorative treatment. Rescheduling any appointment gives the patient a message that dental care is not that important, and it can wait. You get the idea… don’t reschedule any appointments if possible.

So why not plan ahead? Why not place an ad, take your time and find one or two dental professionals who can step up for you in an emergency? You can hire them as your permanent, personal temporary, reducing stress and giving you peace of mind. They can be included in staff meetings, office gatherings, Holiday celebrations… just like they’re a part of the Dental Team, but only when you need them.

And when you need them, use them for vacations, maternity leave, medical leave, unexpected sick day, extended leave of absence, unexpected loss of an employee, and time when a heavier schedule is necessary, jury duty or even temp-to-hire.

The practice of Dentistry is stressful enough; connect today with a Temporary Dental Professional that can be there for you when you need them. Become a member at Dental Staffing and find the Dental Temps you may need tomorrow. Register at




“A man who does not plan long ahead
will find trouble at his door.”
- Confucius