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Would the Right Dental Position Get You to Relocate?

Grand central station in new york city.

Many of you who’ve used Dental Staffing know we ask our Job Seekers to indicate whether or not they’d be willing to relocate. What’s fascinating is when I screen profiles/resumes, there are several Dental Professionals willing to relocate. An associate of mine once told me that someone on a Dental Assistants salary isn’t likely to pick up and move across the country.

Maybe it’s just me, but I disagree! I know many young professionals who have the like salary of a RDA and for any one of a number of reasons, they pick up and move. Sometimes the change of environment is for professional reasons, sometimes it’s a personal one or maybe a little of both.

For professional reasons, maybe it’s an advanced dental program in another state. Every state has different rules and regulations and different guidelines whereby dentists, assistants and hygienists willing to relocate can better their knowledge and position. This may give them the opportunity to perform more involved procedures, improving their wages and increasing their excitement about their chosen profession

Maybe they traveled to another state to interview  for a dental position and fell in love with the area. Then they’re offered a position they can’t refuse, they love the community, and they relocate! I’ve done this more than once just to experience as many different venues as possible.

And perhaps it’s simply personal. A Dental Professional simply wants a change of scenery. They’re sick of winter or hurricanes, and they just need a change. They have family or a significant other in another state and the distance has become too much.

Remember, just because you don’t see a resume on Dental Staffing in your area doesn’t mean there are no Dental Professionals willing to relocate to your little corner of the World. Further, keep in mind we have Job Seekers on the site choosing to remain anonymous. These are undoubtedly Dental Professionals who hold high end positions who are looking for a change and don’t want anyone to know they are planning a move.

All that said, to be patient when searching for the right individual is key. I recommend placing your ad on multiple sites, retaining all resumes for future reference; especially your top three qualified candidates. Utilize Insight Hiring, even after checking references. And never, ever panic and hire someone just because they have a pulse.

Go to, register, purchase a membership and find the right candidate not only for you, but for the entire Team. Utilize our Partners. I guarantee they can help solve any problem you can hand them.



“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, 
don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” 
- Confucius