Documentation and Risk Management in Dentistry

Presented by: Dr. Deborah L. Marynak

Webinar Introduction:

Dr. Marynak will present how properly documenting patient visits and communications can better defend your practice against the possibility of malpractice and board complaints. This information has been compiled through years of research and study following a dental board’s review of several of her patient’s charts 30+ years ago. It was discovered she had no clear and accurate understanding of proper documentation. Documentation has become a passion as she has discovered many dental offices, if not most, are not properly documenting their patient care. The information contained herein cannot only assist the clinical team, but the administrative team as well. It allows them to accurately document insurance claims for faster payment and reduce the problem of appeals.

How the problem might be solved and what you will learn:

Whether you are digital or still documenting paper charts, Dr. Marynak will provide step by step, easy to follow method to document all patient interactions. This method provides timed and dated entries detailing subjective, objective, diagnostic and procedural care. It includes entries on communication, prescriptions, phone conversations, canceled or failed appointments, instructions, any refusals with documented initials and/or signatures. Fill in the form below for immediate access: