Down In The Mouth Again A Dental Patient's Guide to Everything They Should Know, But Have No Idea

For years I’ve listened to dental patients as they relay their horror stories about going to the dentist. The stories themselves are seemingly so exaggerated, and so blown out of proportion.

Deborah L. Marynak Writing Down In The Mouth Again

You know the ones I’m talking about, like the knee on the chest during an extraction one or the complaint about how much it costs for a crown, of course having no idea what it takes to get that crown.

So why do patients tell these silly stories that we as Dental Professionals know are mostly gross exaggerations? Whether it’s about the procedure or the finances surrounding said procedure, the stories live on to be repeated at any given opportunity. And they get more and more out of proportion every time they are told.

So, I asked myself, why don’t I gather stories about our perspective of their visit? Many of my friends and colleagues have shared outrageous stories about encounters with various patients over the years. You know, the ones who make the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you see their name on the schedule.

So here it is! The stories I’ve gathered for this little book. I hope you’ll see the humor and I hope you can relate, for I know you have stories of your own to tell!

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