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How is different?

  • You can post a position for your dental office for only $39 for 60 days.
  • You can purchase 3 pack listing and post 3 jobs for only $49.
  • You can purchase a feature listing (featured on our home page and at the top of the job listings) for only $59 for 60 days – less than the cost to post a single, 30 day listing on other job boards!
  • No hassle account creation – your account is automatically created with your first job posting.
  • CLICK HERE to preview our easy-to-use Employer Dashboard.
  • Prefer to search for the perfect employee? You can easily browse resumes and find the candidates with right experience to ensure the best fit with your team – at no additional charge (similar sites charge a separate fee to search resumes).
  • It’s always free for dental job seekers to post their resumes, search for, and apply for jobs.
  • is owned by a Dentist whose clinical experience spans numerous venues.
  • You can read blogs written about genuine issues that face Dental Practices every day.
  • You can get information to assist all Dental Professionals – Managers, Lab Techs, everyone.
  • will save you time and makes make your life easier!

Dental Staffing Difference

A Message From Our Founder

photo of dental staffing founderA lot of people might think that because I’ve owned my own practice, I was automatically a good leader. That because I’ve worked in corporate dentistry, Indian healthcare, the military, nursing home dentistry, and as an associate, I’d know all there is to know about being good at hiring, and keeping great employees. Those experiences didn’t as much teach me about what I was doing right as they did about what I was doing wrong.

Further, it wasn’t that I learned about what I was doing wrong as a leader, as much as what I was doing wrong as a human being. I graduated from Dental School thinking that just because I was a good dentist, I would surely have a thriving Dental Practice. It was hard, learned lessons that taught me that the relationships we have with people… like patients and the Team that works with you, are the most important ingredients to the success of your Dental career!

It is the goal of Dental to bring you a site that not only meets the need of the Dental Practice, but the Team Member as well. Finding that perfect Employee is no less important than that Employee finding the right job. After all, you live with this Team of Dental Professionals eight to ten hours a day and we think it’s necessary that both parties learn as much about each other as possible.

2019 will bring some exciting changes and rapid growth for, so stay tuned!

We used Dental Staffing for a temporary; it worked out so well we hired her!

Mandy, EFDA

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