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How We're Different

How is Different?

Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use staffing site and resourceful affiliates,to improve your work-life balance, and most importantlymake your time spent with your Team and your patients more fulfilling.

  • You can become a member for a cost less then what most sites charge for a thirty-day ad and memberships allow you continuous access for a full year.
  • The membership allows you to post as many positions as you’d like with longer exposure in the job market.
  • You can view employee profiles and employees can view your office profile.
  • Dental Practices can request resumes when they view a profile that they believe could fit their Team culture. Most sites require an extra fee to view resumes.
  • Dental Staffing is owned by a dentist whose clinical experience spans numerous venues.
  • You can read articles written about genuine issues that face Dental Practices every day.
  • You will find other services we recommend, helping you more easily manage your Dental Practice.
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