Our partners are here for all Dental Professionals.

While most provide special offers for membership in Dental Staffing, our main objective in choosing these high-quality partners is to:

Decrease stress
Help solve problems
Improve workplace culture
Create greater job satisfaction thus providing a better work-life balance

InfoStar ProductionsVisit InfoStar Productions Custom Websites

InfoStar partners with practices to grow their patient-base with customer service that is second-to-none! We provide modern, mobile-friendly, and responsive dental websites, total SEO both organic and pay-per-click solutions, and worry-free social media marketing campaigns. Our marketing campaigns include account setup, postings, blogs, Facebook advertising and more! At the end of every month, our analytic reports will keep you informed of your progress.

Call or Text Mike at (916) 988-2323 and mention Dental Staffing for up to $1,000 off a new website.

DocPayVisit Doc Pay Internet Payment Portal

We pride ourselves in providing payment solutions that are fair to the practice and the patient. We are an internet-based payment portal, custom branded for your practice on your website. If you do not have a website, we can create a custom web address for your payments. Either way, you get paid immediately!

Call Ron at (800) 936-2729 or (254) 772-8131. Special offers available for Dental Staffing members.

Dental Office SupportVisit Dental Office Support Practice Management Software

Get paid faster and more predictably with Dental Office Support. Just put the patient on the schedule and let Dental Office Support take the stress of insurance management off your admin team and practice. We remotely manage insurance for practices across the country and in various practice management software - all the way from getting patients verified to posting their payments in your ledger.

Contact us at info@dentalofficesupport.com or (803) 329-0525. Special offers available for Dental Staffing members.

Dental IntelligenceVisit Dental Intelligence

Dental Intel provides your practice with an automated Morning Huddle report, customizable Follow Ups, analyzed Provider Pulse, Patient Finder report building, Mobile App access, real-time Online Scheduling and more!

  • Dental Intel is the world’s #1 software for tracking, analyzing, and managing the numbers in your practice.
  • Dental Intelligence connects to your practice management system to find revenue, identify and fill openings in your schedule, tracks the unfinished treatment of the day's patients and their relatives!
  • Dental Intel provides the automated Morning Huddle report, customize Follow Ups, analyzed Provider Pulse, Patient Finder report building, Mobile App access, real-time Online Scheduling and more!
  • You have to see how this system works. Dental Staffing guarantees you'll be excited and surprised and all you'll say is "WOW, this is a no-brainer!"
Management ExpertsVisit Management Experts

We know you're a great dentist, but do you struggle with the business side of your Dental Practice? Do you need more quality patients? Do insurance companies hold you hostage? Have trouble finding the right staff? Why not control your Dental Practice instead of your Dental Practice controlling you?

MGE: Management Experts is Business 101 for Dentists. We give you proven systems and the knowledge you need to reduce office stress, increase profitability and create the perfect work-life balance.

Insight HiringVisit Insight Hiring

Discover your job candidate’s hidden risks and how they’ll really perform on the job. Our tool will help you avoid expensive, time-consuming hiring mistakes. Contact Jeff Henderson for a risk-free trial… and special offers to our Members! Jeff@insighthiring.com or 919-847-1950.