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Dental Staffing is a National Job Board working to connect Dental Practices with Dental Job Seekers. We offer two methods of placing ads: Dental Staffing provides a membership plan that offers you special offers with our Partners. We have searched for the best of the best, providing quality tools and resources for all Dental Professionals. We also offer a non-member function for 60 days with a discounted option for a 30-day renewal.

All applicants and resumes are personally reviewed by Dr. Marynak, COO of Dental Staffing. The Team at Dental Staffing is working to make your search as easy and affordable as possible.

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We get it. Your practice just doesn’t run as well without the right team member. Dental Staffing relieves the stress of searching for new employees and delivers quality applicants right to your email.

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A licended Doctor of Dentistry reviews all resumes before they are posted.

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You don’t have to spend your time re-entering your credit card if you need to post another ad. A membership is just a click away and works 24/7, 365 days/year. And renewing posts couldn’t be easier.

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We know that losing an employee creates not only stress and anxiety, but a loss of production as well. Dental Saffing wants to see our Dental Offices succceed. We have built our platform to make the processes as easy as possible for you.

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We Focus Entirely on Dental Professionals.

Unlike other Job Board websites, Dental Staffing is a job posting site designed just for dental professionals, allowing applicants and searches to be more focused.

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Deborah L. Marynak

Did You Know We’re Owned by a Dentist?

DentalStaffing.org was founded by Dr. Deborah L. Marynak. Having owned and operated a private practice for nearly 20 years, she’s experienced the challenges of finding and hiring the best employees.

A Unique Membership Platform, Saving Dental Practices Money.

If you own a dental practice, enjoy the use of a membership platform that’s available to you for a full year. A one-year membership that’s less than the cost of most pay per post, 30-day ads..

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