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photo of dental staffing founderHello, my name is Dr. Deborah Marynak and I am the CEO of Dental Staffing.

Before we had the Internet and all the endless opportunities it brought us, we would typically search for a new employee by placing an ad in the newspaper. Depending on the size of our community, we may or may not receive any resumes to fill our positions.

Today we have the Internet and all the hiring sites, either exclusive to our industry or not, allowing us to view resumes from all over the United States and the world. Some employees are not working and post their resume hoping to be called for an interview, some register, but do not post their resumes at all.

Some Dental Professionals are working, but they register on the site and search the ads looking for new opportunities. They don’t post their resume because they don’t want anyone to see it and learn they are considering a change. is a young and relatively new dental staffing service and our fees are commensurate with our infancy. Older, more mature sites have fees that are significantly higher than ours. Each month the number of our registered users grows. Our goal is that you find the perfect candidate for you job opening. Therefore, just like the newspaper, there are no guarantees you will find the resume of your choice on any site. will consider refunds on a case by case basis within 30 days of purchase. Refund requests may be emailed to:

Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

Dr. Marynak


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